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Recommended Telescopes For Beginners

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

For a more in depth guide go and read telescopes for beginners guide HERE. Then come back and go through this short, simple and easy to follow guide, here it is:

Are You Restricted By Size?

Get The Largest Telescope Of These Two Sizes Which You Can. The Collapsible Variety Makes Transport Easier.

Are You Only Interested In Looking At The Moon?

This will be perfect for your needs!

Do You Have Sufficient Space For A Larger Telescope?

Invest In A 10 Inch Dobsonian

Can You Afford A More Pricey Option?

Consider the awesome benefits of a GOTO telescope!

Want more information? Checkout our telescopes for beginners guide where we talk you through what makes these telescopes great choices! You can read the article HERE.

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